Friday, July 5, 2013

#FaveroVineyards-1st Winery of Winecation! June 19-23

Don knew Fred Favero from his past wine tasting trips before we met each other. So he gave Fred a call and asked if we could have a private tasting in his cave. He set up an appointment for 10:00 June 20 and that's how we began our thirteen different tastings over the next three days. We headed out of Sonoma on Napa Street, wound our way up Old Winery Road until we came to Lovall Valley Road. Once we found the gate that entered the property, we saw Fred waiting for us by the entrance to his cave.

We made our introductions and quickly head to the cave for the tasting. Now, I've been in a few caves and this one was very small. Just one room, a tasting area, and storage for a few barrels. One interesting thing about Fred is, after the contractors said a cave couldn't be dug for about two years, he learned how to work the equipment and did the digging himself. It's really an amazing accomplishment boasting huge metal doors, concrete floors stamped with grape vines, and copper grape-leaf sconces. It has a nice area to sit in leather chairs or at a counter height table.
Don listening to Fred describe his cave experience
We tasted his three wines that he bottles.This is a very small family winery producing just around 100 or less cases of each varietal each year. He also has a dessert wine that is sold out.

The first tasting was 2008 Estate Sangiovese ($32) all estate grown and no pesticides used during growing season. This wine is described as "very pronounced in the bottle. In addition,  aromas of rose petals, coffee, cedar, and dark chocolate are combined with this big, luscious fruit, spice and balanced oak."  

The second wine in the photo is a 2008 Monte di Sassi ($32) which is a blend of 65% Sangiovese,and 35% Cabernet grapes. This is the latest and greatest Super Tuscan wine hand crafted by Fred himself. He describes it as having "rich aromas of blueberry, violet pastille, cocoa, and fresh roasted coffee beans. The mouth is luscious and loaded with dense flavors of blackberries, bing cherries, and subtle earthtones."

The last wine we tasted was a favorite of Don's! The 2007 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ($50) is a winemaker's wine. This is a rich, velvety fruit that is sure to please the palate for years to come.

You can visit Fred's tasting room. Just go to the website at the top of the page and get the number to call. That's what we did!
I can't wait for the box to be shipped here! Enjoy!