Saturday, July 20, 2013

Run to Trader Joe's! #ValleyoftheMoon #PinotBlanc #Saleofthecentury

Run to Trader Joe's CA!
(don't know about texas)

I know I haven't finished sharing the June vacay in Sonoma, but I haven't been home in two weeks! I've been in Key West for five days with my hubby and his family and then left for California for five days to visit my daughter and her family. Whew! It's all fun though! Especially when you can score on the price of some good wine. My daughter and granddaughters picked me up at LAX and we drove down to Huntington Beach to visit some friends. 

love Virgin America Airlines
While there, we made a stop at the local Trader Joe's and that's where we found Valley of the Moon Pinot Blanc for $5.99. At the winery in Sonoma, it costs $19 a bottle!

 receipt from our favorite store

Of course, Natalie had to buy 6 bottles of the wine and we enjoyed one on the beach in Newport with her friends from SoCal and one at home by the pool!

This is a very good summer wine or anytime wine. It is a blend of grapes from the Russian River Valley and Souther Sonoma Valley. 98% Pinot Blanc, 1% Chardonnay, and 1% Pinot Gris.