Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vella Cheese Co. Perfect with Winecation Wines!

The Vella Cheese Factory is located in Sonoma on Second Street. After dining at a little bistro on the square and meeting up with our friends from Kansas, we wandered over to this cheese shop that I had heard of from my friend. She said we just had to go there!

This stone building, that was once a brewery, has withstood a fire and numerous earthquakes. During the "Prohibition" in 1931, the Vella's converted it to the use of making cheese. And it has been its purpose ever since!

The cheese was awesome and you could taste any of it just for the asking. We all bought several cheeses for the week. In the pic, one of the employees is cutting us cheese to taste.

They have two cases full of cheese in this very small shop!

Award winning cheeses! They also make a Fiore dry Italian  and Secchi salame. They looked delicious handing in the cold storage room. The history of this family, building and how the children took over the business in 1981 is fascinating. No wonder they have won so many awards. They're keeping the secrets in the fam!

I love hand-drawn chalkboards, especially this one with cheeses! If you are in Sonoma, visit the Vella Cheese Shop. Then purchase your perfect wine and enjoy!