Sunday, July 7, 2013

#ScribeWinery 2nd Tasting of Winecation!

Scribe Winery-"Forever Wild Farming"

We ventured back out to Napa Road and upon the previous winemaker's recommendation, found Scribe Winery. This is a tasting room you have to make an appointment to taste. We drove past the entrance, which was just a little sign, 

stopped on the side of the road and called them. They asked if we were far away and I told them we were right out by the sign. That's when they invited us up! We were very lucky because they had a big event happening that evening to prepare for, Outstanding in the Field! Read about it on their website.

We sat out under the trees overlooking all the vineyards and an old Mission style hacienda speakeasy dating back to Prohibition, which will eventually be their tasting room. This vineyard has an amazing history dating back to 1858 with Emil Dresel, Julius Dresel, and his son Carl (below). Emil was well known as a wine industry leader, Abolitionist, gambler, land steward, outlaw, and viticulture pioneer. 

As you look at the beautiful labels, you will notice that somewhere on the bottle there is a D&CO. That stands for Dresel & Company. Their wines won many awards in the early 1900's but that came to a halt during Prohibition.

 The first wine we tasted was a 2012 Riesling ($38). Now I don't ever drink Riesling, but this one was very good.

 They served us a cheese and cracker tray with olives and cherries.

 We also tried a 2011 Chardonnay ($38) and ended up with several of those.

Next we had the 2012 Pinot Noir ($42). Very nice Pinot!

Last but not least was a 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon ($66) which was amazing. We drank it all while we were in Sonoma. When our shipment of wines arrived, all I had left of Scribe was two Chardonnays.

 Here's the group relaxing under the trees on a hill overlooking the vineyards. It's amazing to think about what happened on this land in the early 1900's and to read about how the current owners are Scribes of the land, moving it into the future of growing wines. The "Forever Wild Farming" means that they are integrating the farming of grapes into the existing ecosystem which results in healthy terrior-driven grapes.

What a wonderful wine tasting experience we had at Scribe!

We love this place! Can wait to return when the tasting room in the old hacienda is ready! Cheers!