Thursday, July 11, 2013

#RamsGateWinery #4 Winecation 2013

Ram's Gate Winery-Entrance to the Wine Country!

We knew about a week before we got to Sonoma that NASCAR weekend was happening at the Sonoma Raceway the same weekend we would be there wine tasting. Now if you know me personally, you know I couldn't care less about watching cars drive around in circles and possibly crash! That's redunculous if you ask me!
So we carefully plan all our journeys in, around, and out of Sonoma to avoid all the NASCAR people and traffic! Everyone warned us to do so, and believe me it made traveling so easy if you knew where not to go at certain times!

Ram's Gate Winery is the most beautiful winery we went to on the first day of tasting. I know it's all about the wine for some people, but for me, it's got to have some curb appeal first! Every winery has its personal touch and these people got it so right!

 This is what you see when you walk up to the building! All of the rooms are open air, a weathered farm style building on the outside and " a mix of contemporary chic and urban cool" inside.

There are two long counters in the middle of the huge room with a fireplace at one end and a kitchen at the other. There's a separate room for the club members to sit and enjoy their wines, a library, and every room in this barn affords views of the beautiful countryside!

Our tasting experience at Ram's Gate was superb and afterward we headed out back through the vineyards to sit by a tranquil pond under the cool shade of the trees with our friends.

Here's what we tasted and bought! All Chardonnays! All fabulous tasting and great for anytime, especially summer!

The red label is their benchmark Chardonnay, a 2010 Carneros Chardonnay ($36). Click on the name for tasting notes.

The second bottle is their 2010 Sangiacomo Vineyards Chardonnay ($62).

The third bottle is their 2010 Lee's Secret Chardonnay ($64), which is not on their website. I guess you have to go there to buy it! Yippee!

The last bottle is their Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay ($68) which is not on the website either!

I think this sign says it all for their tasting room. You'll smile, kiss, and sip when you're there! It's a happy place! 

And very relaxing! We took a glass of wine down by the pond and chilled! It's been a long day! But there's one more winery! Stay tuned!