Monday, July 22, 2013

#FabulousWines #HamelFamilyWines Second Day of Winecation #boutiquewinery

We all know that honey badgers don't give a ****, but let me tell you these badgers do! This family has three generations of alums from the University of Wisconsin. If you go to their website they have an entire page about how they came up with the idea of settling on this logo for their wines. 

Did you know that badgers reside natively in Sonoma County but not in Wisconsin? That's something to give a **** about!

Now, about the experience above all experiences!

We called the day before and made a reservation for the eight of us to have a private tasting. Little did we know that they would make us feel like royalty. When we arrived, they came out of the building to greet us, led us into the "tasting room" (their new tasting facilities are under construction). It looked more like an urban condo in the woods and we were in their dining room.

Their portfolio was very impressive which included a wine tasting menu with our name and date printed on it, a color flip storybook of the family winery, the Badger Clan wine club and of course an order form.

 George Hamel, a very young, smart, third generation "George" came out and talked with us for quite a while about Hamel Family Wines. He is the managing director of the business.
We were led through each wine tasting by a young girl that attends UC Davis for her degree in "wine" everything. (I think she said business). 

Every wine we tasted was excellent. Anytime you come upon a small family business like Hamel Family Wines, it's going to be good because they don't concern themselves with large production. All of the wines we tasted were under 220 case production and most under 200. The Rose' ($22) was fresh, dry, and delicate. The Sauvignon Blanc ($28) was crisp and pure. The Zindandel ($30) was bold and fruity, and the Cabernet Sauvignon ($48) was intense, powerful, and full! 

I could go into detail about each wine and bore you to death. Just saying this family is going far in the years to come. We bought every wine they offered! You can order it online and enjoy it yourself. I don't think it's a good idea to ship wine to Texas right now, but later in the fall when it cools off, just do it!