Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Note on St. Helena, CA in Napa Valley!

As I stated in a previous blog, I have only been to Napa Valley once. (Shhhh-don't tell anyone!) Every time we go to the beautiful golden state of California, we head straight to the Sonoma region to either taste wines or bottle wines (or both). That is a whole story in itself which will take several posts. So let's get to St. Helena.

Don took me to a very special vineyard last summer over the hills from Sonoma. He said it was a friend of his and they wouldn't mind if we just showed up at their gate. So we did! Of course it was closed and by appointment only! He pressed the call button and begin to talk to a woman on the other end. Not very long into the conversation, she recognized his voice and opened the gate and we drove down the most beautiful drive I've ever seen!

We had arrived at Kelham Vineyards! Notice the address-pretty cool huh! I wish I could have that address! But with that address comes years of hard work! And a big payoff I'm sure!

Once inside the vineyard, we arrived at the front house, which is part of their tasting room. They don't live there, but work there, so I guess, if it's like me when I worked, I lived there! I met Suzanna and her sons, one of which will be pictured below with Don and I. They took us out to the gardens and outdoor tasting area to open up bottles of wine! Yippee!

Unbelievable! Gorgeousness everywhere! And I do mean everywhere! And uncorking one of their wines or all of their wines is a one-of-a-kind experience you'll want to try out for yourself. Their bottles are so unique in that their labels are designed by a French artist, Gerard Puvis. He produces this fine whimsical art from the neck foils of Grand Cru French and California Wines. He hated the thought of wasting the foils after opening a bottle and begin to design magical chefs and winemakers into dancing prints across fine paper (of which my husband sells by the way-fine paper that is). These prints were commissioned by Puvis to the finest wine estates in France and Kelham Vineyards.

Here's one of the prints by Puvis. It's the Cigar! Don likes cigars with wine, so what a perfect purchase. It's quite unusual to look at and imagine how on earth this man did this out of foils! But I guess he's fairly recognized around the world having his art displayed from Japan to Spain! Good grief! I wonder if he ever cuts himself on that foil!

Here's the wines we have in our cellar right now. A Sons Red Wine and a Sauvignon Blanc. You should definitely go to their website. It is just as gorgeous as they are! It features Gerard Puvis's dancing foil prints, plus you can read all about the wines, see the vineyards for yourself, meet the handsome family and dogs, and purchase their wines.

A note about one of the wines above is as follows: The Sauvignon Blanc, and I quote, "is a brilliant clear stream of golden straw colors with Meyer lemon and roasted hazelnut on the nose. Grapefruit fresh from the tree, peach and vanilla tempt the palate as a slight tannin lingers with bright acidity to finish." I say OMG! Get me a glass right now!

The blend on the left is Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, and Merlot. You had me at "Merlot"! Haha! They say "this creation is harmonious with rich extracted currant, wild berry and blackberry flavors." I say YUM!

To purchase their wines, you will have to call for pricing. Sit down.......... but order! You won't be disappointed AT ALL!!!!!