Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh What a Night!

Picture this! Roaring 20's music floating in the air outside the main ballroom of the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. More than a thousand of your favorite wine lovers dressed to the nines wandering throughout curving cloth-covered tables filled with the most wonderful wines on earth. An occasional glance of someone important having their photograph taken. The evening newscast live right before your very eyes! A flapper girl singing her heart out on the center stage and a saxophonist playing romantic music that makes your heart melt. 
As we entered the ballroom, guests were finding their assigned tables as we located ours. I noticed there were food stations and guests were making their way to the one they wanted to nosh first. The tables were dressed in black linens with bowls of red roses, black feathers, and pearls dripping around. The napkins were tied like bow-ties and some chairs were elegantly draped in red satin. 
We found our table, guests of Scott and Heather Alexander, owners of Nest on McKinney Avenue. We were introduced to all of their guests, one of which is their buyer/store manager, an attorney, a couple from Dallas that loves to travel to the wine country annually, and last but not least, Andrew Schweiger

Now, if you read my post from early last week, you would know that I had featured Schweiger Vineyards in my blog. The day before the event, Don had received an email from the Alexanders with information about each guest that we would be dining with that night. Little did I know that one of the guests would be the winemaker/owner of Schweiger Vineyards that I had just blogged about! I was in shock!

One important thing I would like to share about the dinner is that although there were food stations, we were served each course with wines paired for each dish. We never had to get up and serve ourselves, which I thought was kinda cool! Talk about feeling special! Andrew sat right next to me, which was a treat to get to know him a little more than when we were at the vineyard this summer. 

The foods were exceptional, along with the chefs who were part of the live auction. Even Andrew (Andy) got up on stage while his trip to the vineyards was auctioned off and bought by our hosts, the Alexanders. Andy is so nice and very talented not only as a winemaker, but he later played his saxophone at the After Party! Pretty cool guy! One thing he did, that lets me know he's a pretty generous fellow, was to grab some of his own wines, bring it to our table, and serve it to us! You have never tasted anything so delicious as Schweiger wines.
Last but not least, we invited everyone up to our suite after the After Party to visit. We learned that the event raised $2.8 million that night, of which we were a very small part. Oh, what a night!