Monday, April 1, 2013

Just received new wines!

We have friends out in the Dry Creek Valley/Sonoma area who came to eat dinner with us one night last summer. We were staying in a home in Alexander Valley on No Name Road. We had a cook-off and they were the judges of the meal. These lovely people brought their wines out to share at the meal. My husband has known them for a long time and we had visited their vineyard back in March 2011 on one of our wine trips out to California. So I wanted to share what we got in the mail yesterday from their wine club. They named this wine for their boys.
2010 Forth Vineyards All Boys Cabernet

They describe this wine as "still a baby and are expecting a long aging life for this wine." The story she told in the tasting notes was so cute about their grandson. He had sniffed a glass recently and shouted out the word "berries." According to the notes it has the fragrance of ripe blackberries and cassis. Cassis is a fruit like a berry with "the deepest red color that you’ll ever see, and it tastes like an intense berry, which it is, but it also tastes like liquorice, maybe Cuban cigar, and probably a cherry cough drop." 

The 2012 Forth Sauvignon Blanc also pictured above was just bottled in February. Their description of this wine is "bright and mineral, followed by lively notes of tropical fruits and a sense of good things to come. It is well-balanced, nicely acidic and fruity at the same time." They suggest pairing it with fresh crab, delicate white fishes, and goat cheese salads. 

Jann and Gerry Forth are such good people and very friendly when you first meet them. Here are Jan and I in front of their barn in 2011. She's the red-headed wine maker!

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