Friday, April 19, 2013

Charles Krug

It's been so dreary and blustery the past few days! Even in Southeast Texas it looked so gloomy and rainy. I don't know about you, but it makes me feel sleepy! I am one that need lots of sleep anyway! Always have!

I returned home from a trip mid-week visiting my family in Beaumont. Don, my driver and husband, met me at the airport and asked if I wanted to go grocery shopping. After getting back from any trip, all I didn't want to do was go to Tom Thumb. I wanted to sleep! But I agreed and we headed to the store. (Don didn't return to work that afternoon, which I thought was so sweet of him!) We strolled down each aisle of the store, choosing the things we thought we needed and then checked out.

We chose to grill that night on the patio. He had carefully picked out two small filet mignons for us. I ran to the packaged salads and got a apple, walnut, blue cheese salad. We also chose a bolilo roll (I'm not sure of the spelling of that and I've already thrown the package away!)

But here's the good part of the meal! Don opened a bottle of 2009 Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon from Yountville-Napa Valley. This is Napa Valley's first winery established in 1861. On the back label it states that it "evokes aromas of black cherry, raspberry and a hint of cocoa. Flavors of black currant mingle with rose petals while supple, smoky overtones visit the back palate. A silky mouthfeel and balanced tannins create an elegant finish to this classic Napa Valley wine." 
A visit to this winery is in order in either May, June, or October. I'll be in California those months. Maybe more if we're lucky!

My roses Don bought me at TT!

Now, during the grilling of the filets, the dumping of the pre-packaged salad into a bowl, and steaming some broccoli with cheese from a jolly green giant, I was sipping on this silky wine. (This bottle retails for around $29, which isn't bad for something so good!) 

The filets were perfect, the broccoli was steamed and cheesy, and the salad was like a dessert with the apples and raspberry vinaigrette. Rarely do the two of us put down a whole bottle of wine in one night. But we did last night! It was the perfect bottle of wine for the filets. I agree wholeheartedly that it is silky, down to the last drop in the bottle. 

And that was the last drop! Cheers everyone!