Sunday, April 28, 2013

Joyas de la Costa Californiana

If you know me, you know I can't speak anything but English (so I need to buy Rosetta Stone's program and learn a new language-I know!). But thanks to the internet, you can actually type in your language and voila! It translates into another language. Hence the title of this post-Jewels of the California Coast!
In my California Dreamin! post, I began sharing our January Santa Barbara escape. I also mentioned that I would share some of the luxurious hotels and resorts that attract movie stars yearning to escape Hollywood paparazzi.
The first gem is the Four Seasons The Biltmore Santa Barbara owned by Beanie Babies magnate Ty Warner. Originally built in 1927, it has seen a series of beneficial restorations over the years as well as the addition of a luxurious spa and fitness center. It is truly a stunning hotel in a gorgeous location.

Four Seasons Biltmore
San Ysidro Ranch, built in 1825, lies in the neighboring posh town of Montecito. It is also a Ty Warner property, with roots steeped in California history. It began attracting the Hollywood elite in the 1930s.This is the place where John Huston finished the script for 
The African Queen. Other famous guests that have spent time here include John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy on their honeymoon, Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Winston Churchill, and the Obamas. 
On the property of the San Ysidro Ranch
It is difficult for one to imagine a more delightful place with the mountains behind you and far below, one can see the white line of the beach. There are 41 suites, cottages and rooms. You can stay in the Kennedy Cottage, which we were lucky to be escorted through-beyond beautiful! They also toured us around the property to Ty Warner's home and let us in to view it! You can't imagine the extravagance of these "cottages". BTW, pets are welcome at San Ysidro Ranch! 

Bacara Resort and Spa

Our last stop for the day took us to Bacara Resort and Spa, nestled on the bluffs and beaches of the Pacific Ocean. We toured the entire property, including the hiking trails along the bluffs by the ocean, the luxurious spa, the gift shop (of course I had to buy something), the pools, and the bar. We had cocktails and went on our married way!
That night we celebrated Don's birthday in Montecito! The next post will be all about the movie star we saw!
Stay tuned!