Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#Coravin Have to Get This Gadget! #SeriousWineLovers

I came across this amazing gadget this past week in an email from Snooth. Snooth is a website where you can discover hard-to-find wines, articles, and news, explore all the latest grapes, wines, and regions, buy and compare the best deals on wine, and enjoy food recipes, travel, and wine gear. 

That's how I discovered the Coravin. This is a remarkable way to open a bottle, pour a glass of wine, and reseal it without any damage to the wine at all. Unbelievable right? 

So we stopped by the Dallas Country Club the other night after dinner to see what was going on in the bar and got in a long conversation with Aaron, the sommelier, about his recent trip to Napa. Don asked him if he had a nice Bordeaux opened for me to try. Aaron said he'd be right back. That's when he pulled out the Coravin!

Here's the bottle of Chateau Cos Labory 2003 Saint-Estephe from France ($45). Aaron proceeded to push this gadget's hollow "needle" into the unopened foil on the cork. At that point the argon gas in the Coravin began to pressurize the bottle, allowing the wine to pour freely out of this "needle". Once he poured the wine, the "needle" was removed and the cork resealed itself with the argon gas left in place of any oxygen. Amazing!

Oh and the wine was excellent by the way! I know a few serious wine collectors that need this gadget in their hands right now! The entire system costs $300, but if you look at the value of some of these bottles of wine that these collectors own, that's a drop in the glass!

Think of all the possibilities- you never have to open a bottle of wine to see if it has matured yet, you can open one alone if no one is home yet or doesn't want that certain bottle you just opened. You can throw a party and try several wines without opening the bottles! If I owned a wine tasting room, I'd own one of these for sure! The possibilities are endless!

 Now one thing you can't be sure of is that the bottle you try has a cork that is perfectly sealed or isn't so old that it disintegrates when you pull it out that old fashioned way! So Coravin can't be held accountable for that!

And there it is! Check out this Vimeo of Coravin in action!