Thursday, August 29, 2013

#MoltoFormaggio #CheeseShop #WineLovers #HighlandParkVillage #Dallas

Don and I have been in this amazing cheese shop several times to buy cheeses and wines. The individual attention you receive is what I like. They let you taste any cheeses you desire. But the most fun we've ever had in this shop was at one of their classes after hours.

It's a small store (I like that because the cheese counter is not overwhelming), so call way ahead of the scheduled class for reservations, or you may not get one. 

 The staff serves their choice of wines and food that they have prepared using their cheeses, crackers or breads, and small bites of desserts-it's all good!

After the class, you leave with a bottle of wine and a cheese that was featured in the class, a value of $50. The class costs $75 for couples so that's a bargain in my book! 

September classes are set for the 9-10. I would call now if you want to participate! We will definitely be going back for another class soon!