Monday, August 5, 2013

#Vivino-The Wine App You Must Try! And It's Free! #LangeTwins


My youngest daughter and I went to a local wine tasting in her area of Texas last night. While I was taking pictures of the wine bottles as I always do, a man standing next to me asked me if I had this app he had on his phone. I told him I was just taking pictures for blogging. He proceeded to tell me all about it and show me how it worked and I must say that it was pretty cool. 
This wine app recognizes 500,000 wines. After taking a picture of the label with your smart phone, it begins to analyze it. If it can't find it, they do a manual review for you. When it does recognizes it, you get to rate it, see where it's from,  and how it's ranked in the U.S. and region. It shows the rank within the winery and a global rank. There are tasting notes and you can add yours if you like. It gives information about the winery, grapes, food pairing tips and compares vintages. You can add personal notes, when to drink it, add the price you paid and where you bought it. It's not foolproof and it did close on me at one point. I just went back into the app and kept going. You can upload the information to Facebook or Twitter. I just wish I had know about it about 4,000 pics of bottles ago!

Anyway, we had a blast tasting wines and eating appetizers together. Here's what we tasted.

The Finca Los Primos Chardonnay 2011 has a light, crisp and lively entry with peach and apricot-tinged fruit and a generous finish that is satisfying for the price. Drink now. The Wine Advocate gives it 87 points and at a price of $8-10 a bottle, that's a bargain.

The California 2011 William Hill Estate Winery Chardonnay Central Coast ($13) was really good! This wine is all about the Chardonnay grape. It is crisp, dry, citrusy up front with hints of vanilla, peach and hazelnut. It's creamy in the mouth and invites a meal of chicken, seafood, turkey, veal, or pork.

Sorry, but with this Mendocino, CA Eppa SupraFruta Red Sangria, I had to ask for the dump bucket! It was awful in my opinion! It has everything in it that I like, but not mixed together apparently! Maybe it wasn't cold or something. I should give it another try I guess!

Now this Australian 2010 Bitch ($10) from the Barossa Valley was given a 90 by Robert Parker. It was pretty good and I would drink it again. (Not liking the name though!) It is 100% Grenache, a difficult-to-grow grape. I would describe it as spicy and rich in the mouth.

Here we are ready to taste a nice rose'! This is one of the roses' they served in the store! 

This 2012 Lange Twins Sangiovese Rose'($13) was good. We bought a bottle of this and took it home (after sharing two glasses of it.) 

We ended the evening with four-wheel rides around the neighborhood and on their property! So fun!