Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chilean Wine-Vistamar Sauvignon Blanc Brisa

This past week I've been out of town! I headed back to Dallas from Beaumont, Texas yesterday after spending lots of fun times with my youngest daughter, her husband, and two adorable little girls. We played games, baked a lemon pound cake, took walks, and of course I slept in the 5-year old's room! We rearranged furniture, upholstered chairs, hung pictures, made bows, cooked meals! To say the least, I'm dead tired! But it's a good tired!

Both flights were short, which I so appreciate. I used to drive five hours down the most boring stretch of road between Dallas and Beaumont. But thanks to American Airlines, which now offers a quick trip to my destination out of DFW, I can be there or back to Dallas in 50 minutes! 

As I settled into my assigned seat 5D, I got as much WiFi time that I could before the flight attendant told all 13 of us to put away all electronics. I did as I was told. (I hurried and got the last text or two to family/friends.) Done!

The flight attendant quickly took our orders by memory because, like I said, there were only 13 of us! (10 on the way to Beaumont-my oldest daughter calls this flight  my private jet.) Lucky they didn't cancel the flight! On my way out to Beaumont, I ordered a white wine and it turned out to be pretty decent for a plane ride! Do you get any other choices when you're 36,000 feet above the ground?!

So in one hand I had a grande skinny vanilla coffee drink and a bottle of 2012 Sauvignon Blanc Brisa from the Central Valley of Pelequen, Chile.  The 2011-750 ml bottle sells for $13.99 on Amazon. I haven't located this 2012 wine in the states yet! Brisa is pale yellow with a tinge of green and a fresh and fruity flavor. If you like grapefruit, green apples, and pineapple, then you'll love opening up a bottle of this inexpensive wine.

It cost a total of $7 per drink on the flight and that's all I really had time for! You get your drink, she comes back by with a trash bag, and the pilot says we're landing! It was short and sweet! Cheers! Gulp!