Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Girls Night Our Cocktail Humor!

I love to go into our local Swoozie's and browse all of the cool personalized gifts from invitations to drinking cups, jewelry to phone cases and much more. If you ever need a gift, that is the place to go.
Now, my favorite part of going to Swoozie's is reading the hilariously funny cocktail napkins they have for sale. Not only are they ridiculously humorous, but they are so darn cute and colorful!

 I found a few on the internet, but Swoozie's has many more. These will get your party started even before the guests arrive. For about $6 and 20 napkins in a package, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pick up 4-5 different sets and just have them around for girl's night out. They will be talking about it all night! 

Here are my very favorite napkins of all! 

Some wineries produce their wine organically without sulfites, so this napkin would be perfect, if that's what you are serving. And if you need to know what wines are organic, click on the link below the picture for a comprehensive list.
Organic Wineries
I really do! Of course, they aren't talking about your wine glasses, but then, maybe they are! Some days a woman just needs her wine glass so she can whine less!

 Is this what I think it means, like-you look better after I drink kind of thing!!! Hahahahaha!

I promise I have probably said this before! Aren't these totally hilarious?!!!
Go get you some of these napkins and have fun!