Monday, June 17, 2013

#SegwayofHealdsburg #ChristopherCreekWines Last Summer Series #4

Last summer after most of the family were gone home, we decided to go try out a segway tour. Well, I've never done that before, but was determined that wasn't going to stop me! We made reservations with Segway of Healdsburg for the Russian River Vineyards Tour.

This company meets you in a convenient place such as a big empty parking lot, pulls the segways out of the back of a van and begins to teach you how to drive them. You practice as they moves from one person to the next. Off we go, down the highway to the first stop for water/restroom. The first place we come to is:

Christopher Creek Winery! It is a small family owned winery with production right at 4,000 cases. We drove up this huge hill to get to them and believe me I was already thinking how was I going to get back down that hill without tipping the Segway over and rolling down the hill with it!

This picture is not  of us and I don't think I have any. They don't let you take pictures while you are driving their segways. Kinda dangerous anyway! And I don't know what the guy did with the pictures that he took! Gotta ask that when I return to Healdsburg!
(pics via the internet)

We tasted their wines and ended up buying a bottle of 2009 Petite Sirah PORT, which is quite lovely. It would be great with anything chocolate!!!!!!

 Here we are ready to get back on the Segway and make it down the mountain (hill) in one piece! Actually, it was pretty easy, but scary! I think I'll try another vineyard tour next time. One that's not hilly!