Friday, June 21, 2013

#JarvisWines Dinner at #Abacus #BuonVino

We have eaten at Abacus Restaurant on McKinney Ave twice in a week now! That's pretty good considering I had only been to the bar once for cocktails and lobster shooters! AMAZING! While we were dining last Wednesday we saw in the menu that they were hosting a wine dinner featuring Jarvis Wines from Napa Valley. Don asked me if I wanted to go and of course I didn't even have to think twice about that one! Yes! Yes! Yes!

 So this past Wednesday night we went to the wine dinner. We were greeted with a glass of Taittinger Champagne from France. You must click on the name and enter their site. The intro is a beautifully created video in France with the most gorgeous piano music in the background. I was mesmerized by it! The champagne was just as beautiful to me simply because I love the Chardonnay grape. I'm not sure which one they served us, but it was very nice!

We visited with Gerald Morgan from Buon Vino in Plano. He is a wine concierge delivering wines to your door in Dallas and Collin counties. We have been to his tasting room in Plano a few times for tasting parties. A few of his clients and guests who had signed up at Abacus were among the twenty there for the Jarvis wine dinner.

We made our way to the private dining room, found our assigned seating, sat down and introduced ourselves to everyone. There was one empty seat right beside me. As it turns out, the winemaker from Jarvis Wines, Ted Henry, would be sitting at our table-this just keeps happening to me! How fun is that!

If you visit the Jarvis Wines website and read the "about us", you will find a link to the "team" which includes everyone that has anything to do with the winery. This is a pretty amazing place and fabulous wine! OMG! Ted Henry is the winemaker! I was so quiet because everyone else wanted to ask him a thousand questions. Poor guy! He hardly had time to eat his food pairings and talk about his wine! At the end of the dinner, I told him who I was and asked if I could have a picture taken with him. He was delighted (probably because I hadn't bombarded him with questions.) It was so dark in the room, the pics didn't turn out as I'd like them to, but they'll do!

Now, about Jarvis Wines! This is the menu of wine and food pairings served that evening.
The wines were some of the few best reds I've had from Napa! Here's Buon Vino's menu of prices and points awarded by Wine Enthusiast.

As you can see Jarvis Wines are not cheap, but hey, you get what you pay for right! It's okay to splurge sometimes and we certainly did at this wine tasting. We are leaving for Sonoma in a few days and hope to have time to visit this winery. If not, there's always another trip planned for wine tasting somewhere in the future!

Enjoy Jarvis Wines! You can't go wrong on any of them!!!!