Monday, June 3, 2013

Winery #4-#HalterRanch-#PasoRobles

Our 4th stop, but not on my list of wineries to visit, was at Halter Ranch Vineyards. There was an old yellow Victorian home just on the left with the sign for their tasting room. 

Holy cow!!!! As it turns out, this was built in 1885 and is a landmark today on Adelaide Road! Now if you remember, we were rushed for time and quickly went in, tasted wines, bought some bottles and a souvenir bottle pourer and left. It wasn't until I got home and looked at their website and read all about it, that I realized I had visited a hidden gem (to me at least). Click on the link in the first paragraph and see this winery!

This ranch property houses the world's largest coastal oak tree which is 55 feet tall, 324 inches in circumference, and has a 104-foot crown. Needless to say, it might be a great place to picnic. Yes, they do have a picnic area for guests!

via HRV
Their new multi-level winery facility has just been completed. These levels allow for gravity flow in all aspects of the winemaking. So that means they touch the grapes as gently as possible. It has a night cooling system where they bring in the chilly air from the night and keep out the warm air of the day. Pretty impressive. I cannot wait to go back to see this place! I want a tour!!!! There's no appointment necessary for regularly scheduled tours. For private tours, call them though!

pics via the internet from Halter Ranch Vineyards

Now what did I purchase? 

2012 Cotes De Paso Blanc ($28) has a bouquet of lemon, jasmine, and pineapple which I love all three. Then melon and ripe peaches flavor this wine. Again, it's a winner for me! Only 1500 cases of this wine was produced. I like to hear that! Boutique winery!!!!!!

And of course, a 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon $(32) for Don! They describe it as a "crimson red with a blight purple hue. This wine displays an aroma of blackberry brambles, black currant, fig and a touch of cocoa. It has an explosion of red and black fruit with a smooth finish." Only 2200 cases of this wine was produced.

Again, it's been a week since I tasted this wine and I can't wait to try it again!

Thank you Halter Ranch Vineyards!