Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gruet Winery-Albuquerque!

Everytime we go to Albuquerque, we must make a stop by Gruet Winery. It's right on the Pan American Freeway, easy to get to, and fun to go in for tastings. Its history dates back to France where Gilbert Gruet was born and began making fine quality champagnes in the early 50's. During travels in the U.S., the Gruets met some successful European winemakers and decided to began planting vineyards in New Mexico. 
In 1989, New Mexico wine was on the map.
 Our interest in the city lies in the fact that Don graduated from UNM and is still tied very deeply to the School of Business. His oldest son and daughter-in-law also graduated from UNM and still live there with their four month old son.
We visited the new parents in March and took time out of the visit to run by Gruet for a tasting. This wasn't the first time by the way!
Here we are with Meredith, Don's daughter, drinking three different sparkling wines. One is the Grand Reserve 2005, one was the Grande Rose' 2007, and last was the 2010 Chenin Blanc. They were all very good. The staff is very helpful and willing to share stories about the wines.
These wines are distributed throughout 49 states, so it's not hard to find. They cost anywhere from about $25 to $45 a bottle. If you have a special celebration coming up, try Gruet sparkling wines. You won't be disappointed!