Wednesday, June 12, 2013

#WholeFoods Wines I Just Tasted! #Icardi #MonteVelho

Ok, as usual, I am cooking a recipe that I can't find all the ingredients for in my local Tom Thumb, so I get to go to Whole Foods, which I love, because it isn't as big as Central Market. I get lost in there. So I am making these chicken lettuce wraps from PF Changs, (or Chang's as my granddaughter Parkee calls it) for dinner tonight. It's a recipe that I received in a blog that I follow, Pip and Ebby!
So I write down all the ingredients I need, head to TT, and they don't have the main ingredient I need. I get on the phone in TT and call Whole Foods! Guess what! They have everything I need!. I check out at TT and grab a water to drink. 

I go the few blocks I need to drive to get there, pull in behind a Jaguar that can't figure out where to park. My little Lexus knows exactly what to do! So I speed around the Jag and park. She's still getting out of the car when I walk into the store! 

I got everything I needed and was about to walk out when I noticed there was a wine display and a guy standing there ready to serve. I walked over to ask him what he had to offer today. I tried several whites and reds and ended up with the following:

This Icardi Barbera D' Asti from Italy is a summer wine ideal for appetizers, pastas, cheese. The wine is a deep red with fruit flavors of cherry. It was only $15.
The Monte Velho from Portugal is also an ideal summer wine. It was $11 a bottle. This wine is full bodied and a bargain from Portugal. Red fruit and spicy aromas are enhanced by rich fruit flavors. Drink this any night with burgers, pastas, pizzas, and tapas.
Now I have to go cook! Enjoy!