Saturday, June 22, 2013

#QuiviraWinery Last Summer Series #9

I could write a lot about Healdsburg! Don has shared this part of Sonoma with me and to him I'm grateful. It's a lovely town. On West Dry Creek Road in the Dry Creek Valley, there is a vineyard and winery named Quivira that truly grows their wines in the vineyard. It is a place that we happened upon and loved it.

 Not only do they grow superb wines, but their one-acre garden is beautiful! You can learn first-hand about their biodynamic farming. They have 120 raised beds overflowing with organic vegetables, a bee hive, a small pond, a chicken coop with many breeds of chickens and even a  rescued baby pig that is all grown up now!
 This path leads to the gardens where you can stroll and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. I can't remember what we bought here, but I can bet you it was a Sauvignon Blanc and a Viognier. They are gone out of our wine cellar, so they must not have stuck around too long.
What I love about this wine ($22) other  than its great taste is the label.  The fig leaf design represents a 130 year old Black Mission Fig tree in the vineyards, namely called Fig Tree Vineyards. This wine has the usual grassiness, but is balanced with pineapple and passion fruit.
This Viognier -Sauvignon Blanc ($32) has a gorgeous, very simple label that looks hand-written! Isn't that nice in this age of emails and texts! Peach and citrus, orange and they say "even creamsicle flows across the palate."

 The flowers are beautiful and I jumped out of the car as we were leaving to take these pics.
And Don says, get in the car honey-we have the wine!