Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#RegusciWinery-Last Summer Series #7

Continuing Napa Valley,  we came upon Schweiger Vineyards (by accident) and Kelham Vineyards (Don knows Suzanna), but I've already blogged about those. 

We also visited Dean & DeLuca, a deli first started in 1977 in New York's SoHo district. So that makes two I've visited and it never gets old. They have everything you want to eat, drink, or gift! Amazing!

We did find another gem in the hundreds of wineries called Regusci.
I've seen this winery on television on a Napa Bike Wine Tour! It's a rerun, but I love to look at it occasionally and remember being there!
There's a nice picnic area that looks out into the vineyards and they offer tours of the winery. We bought a 2009 Regusci Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ($65) currently not available but try the 2010. I'm sure it's just as good if not better!

We also bought a 2010 Regusci Chardonnay ($36), which is also not available now. You can get their 2011 vintage.

I suggest a visit to this winery. The people are friendly, there are lots of places to sit and enjoy the wines, and what could be better than that!